The Best Agricultural Soils?

Answer The best agricultural soil usually depends on the needs of the individual plant. Most plants prefer organic sandy loam soil with a pH of 7, but there are many species of plants that have adapted to... Read More »

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The Best Farmland Soils?

Better soil produces better crops. The composition of the soil combines with other factors to create a soil that holds nutrients and water in a manner appropriate for various crops. Soil classifica... Read More »

What vegetables grow best in sandy soils?

Carrots do well. ANSWER: Any. Lettuce, turnips, potatoes, strawberries, peppers, corn, squash, zuchini, collard greens and tomatos are grown commercially in sandy soils. The soil does not effect t... Read More »

Agricultural Community Colleges?

Community colleges, or junior colleges, offer non-residential programs that typically meet local needs. Commonly offered community college courses teach nursing, automotive, agricultural, business,... Read More »

How to Become an Agricultural Scientist?

Agricultural scientists work to maintain and improve the world's food supply. These scientists, which are also known as food scientists, are actively involved with food safety and agricultural prod... Read More »