The Benefits of a Cat Back Exhaust System?

Answer There are numerous benefits of a high-flow, catalytic converter-back exhaust system. Foremost, an aftermarket cat-back exhaust increases both the horsepower and fuel efficiency of your engine. Addi... Read More »

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What is a cat-back exhaust system?

A cat-back exhaust system is all the pipes and mufflers attached to a vehicle "after" the catalytic converter, leading to the final section of the tail pipe at the rear of the car. The catalytic co... Read More »

How to Install a Cat-Back Exhaust System?

Many aftermarket car parts companies produce exhaust systems known as cat-back systems. Essentially this phrase stands for "catalytic converter back" system, and means that the parts for the exhaus... Read More »

Cat-back Exhaust Vs. Axle-back Exhaust?

Cat-back exhausts and axle-back exhausts are aftermarket car upgrades. These modifications increase the horsepower of a car. Aftermarket exhausts are larger diameter pipes that increase airflow and... Read More »

If your collecting private ins disability benefits do you have to pay them back once you get ss benefits?

This will depend on the type of private benefits your policy provides you. If 100% of your monthly benefit is considered "base" benefit, than you will NOT have to repay any benefits. However if par... Read More »