The Benefits of Organic, Free-Range Chicken?

Answer Organic, free-range chickens are often thought to be more healthy for consumption than chickens from other farms. Raised without using any hormones or antibiotics, the chickens have a more natural ... Read More »

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What does free range chicken mean?

The term "free-range" when applied to chickens refers to how the chickens are raised and cared for. Under USDA regulations, chickens labeled free-range have, at a minimum, "been allowed access to t... Read More »

How to Set up a Free Range Chicken Farm?

A free range chicken farm allows its chickens to roam freely outside, instead of being confined to a barn. Raising chickens outside is more difficult than raising them inside because of the risk of... Read More »

What constitutes free range chicken?

When you picture a flock of free-range chickens, you might imagine them outside in a pasture, wandering about and pecking at the grass. This image is certainly not what a typical free-range chicken... Read More »

Is nandos chicken free range?

Nando's chicken is not free range. However, it does meet industry-determined chicken protection standards. According to the Guardian, Nando's chickens are barn-reared in well-ventilated conditions ... Read More »