The Benefits of Magnetic Necklaces?

Answer Magnetic therapy has long been used for its healing properties. The early Chinese and ancient Grecians found the use of magnetic rocks, or lodestone, to relieve pain and discomfort in the body. As ... Read More »

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What are the benefits of magnetic jewelry?

According to Dr. Stephen Barrett of QuackWatch, intense magnetic fields are sometimes used to aid the body in healing. However, smaller magnets such those in magnetic jewelry probably do not provid... Read More »

What are the benefits of the nikken magnetic mattress?

The first Nikken magnetic product was developed in 1975 by Japan's Isamu Masuda. Soon after, Nikken began selling the KenkoPad magnetic mattress which uses "bipole magnets" to produce a flow of ene... Read More »

Can Phiten necklaces get wet?

Phiten titanium necklaces shouldn't get excessively wet or be left to soak in water, as this can damage the material. The necklaces can be washed, however, by wetting your hands in soap and water, ... Read More »

How to Untangle Necklaces?

You're trying to get that knot out of that necklace you were going to wear. Or you're getting prepared for this type of situation. Or you're- ah, forget it. The point is you wanna know how to get t... Read More »