The Basics of a Dual Overhead Cam Engine?

Answer Overhead cam configurations are a natural fit for inline engines the way that push rods are a natural fit for V-configured engines. The OHC design isn't inherently better than the push-rod design, ... Read More »

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Car Engine Basics?

The driving force behind the movement of a car is a device called an internal combustion engine. Within this engine, there is a constant cycle of ignition and combustion. Fuel is ignited by spark p... Read More »

Engine Rebuilding Basics?

Strange engine noises, high oil consumption, engine power loss and other problems may signal the time for an engine rebuilding job. This means tearing apart an engine built to spec and restoring it... Read More »

Small Engine Ignition Basics?

Small engines, like larger engines, must create the necessary voltage to produce a spark of heat that can combust the fuel and provide enough energy to run the entire system. Small engines generate... Read More »

What Is a Dual-Circuit Alternator on a Briggs Engine?

Briggs & Stratton has been producing lawn equipment engines for many years. Its large engines, which are used on riding lawn mowers, include alternators to produce power for lights and other access... Read More »