The Basic First Aid Information on Cuts & Scales?

Answer The chances that a person will experience a minor cut or skin abrasion at some point are quite high. As long as the cut is given basic first aid, it is not likely to become infected nor require the... Read More »

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Why do people make songs for the scales they learn(im learning piano scales)?

It may help your ear in identifying the scales. As you are self teaching yourself, one thing that you need to know that ear-training is a very vital aspect to learning piano (or any instrument). ... Read More »

Are digital scales more accurate than old school scales?

Are bathroom scales better than medical scales?

On One Hand: Medical Scales Are More AccurateFor the most accurate weight readings, medical scales are superior to bathroom scales. Though they are much larger than traditional bathroom scales, th... Read More »

First aid Do's and don'ts of cuts?

Well, first off, clean the cut with a mild soap. Don't just leave it dirty and cover it up with a bandage. After that put an antibiotic on it, like Neosporin, and then you can cover it up with a ba... Read More »