The Bangles Trend of the 1980s?

Answer "Big" was the word in 1980s fashion. Big hair and shoulder pads, taken to extremes in TV shows such as "Dallas" and "Dynasty," were copied across the United States and jewelry styles were no differ... Read More »

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How to Measure Bangles?

A bangle that is too tight is difficult to put on and take off, while one that is too loose can fly off with an excited gesture. The best way to determine the best bangle size for your hand is to t... Read More »

How to Get Small Bangles Onto Your Wrist?

Have ever been disappointed because the beautiful bangles you hoped to wear just won't fit over your hand? There is an easy way to get all but the smallest bangles onto your wrists--and without usi... Read More »

How to Get Small Bangles Onto a Wrist?

Bangle bracelets can complete a look or express your personal style if you know how to wear them with panache. There is one drawback, however. These fashion accessorires can be hard to get onto you... Read More »

How do I solder silver bangles?

Bend the bangle so its ends touch each other but don't overlap. Touch the tip of the hot soldering iron to the end of a piece of solder, melting it. Drip the melted solder into the space between th... Read More »