The Bad Effects of Uniforms?

Answer The use of uniforms in school is a subject of much debate. Although frequently associated with private schools, uniforms are also often found in public schools where the fear of gang violence weigh... Read More »

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Negative Effects of Uniforms?

Uniforms are a topic of hot debate among public and private schools alike. Their proponents argue that uniforms improve academic performance, decrease distractions in the classroom and encourage gr... Read More »

School Uniforms & Their Negative Effects?

Whether it's because a school has a religious focus or is attempting to eliminate gangwear and offensive style choices, some schools require their students to wear uniforms. Many people believe th... Read More »

The Negative Effects of School Uniforms on Education?

School uniforms might cut down on the time spent picking out an outfit to wear to school, but implementing a uniform system also decreases the amount of freedom students enjoy. School uniforms have... Read More »

The Effects of School Uniforms on Academic Performance?

Private schools in the United States have mandated uniforms for students for decades, but it has only been in recent years that some of the nation's public schools have required students to wear th... Read More »