The Average Wage for a Security Guard?

Answer Security guards maintain order at businesses and public thoroughfares by patrolling property and protecting against vandalism, fire, theft and terrorism. They enforce laws and prevent criminal acti... Read More »

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The Average Pay of a Nightclub Security Guard?

The job of a nightclub security guard involves every aspect of providing a safe and protected experience for guests and co-workers alike. Typical responsibilities include maintaining order among gu... Read More »

Is security guard company responsible for items stolen while their guard was on duty?

You will need to read the contract for services to determine the liability of the security company.

If a security guard company is 'bonded' are they financially responsible for items stolen while their guard was on duty?

Answer In General a security company coud be considered liable for a theft while on duty, However there is usually a clause or disclaimer in the security contractors contract that would wave such l... Read More »

What are the duties of a security officer or security guard?

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