The Average Miles for a 225/40R18 Tire Wear Replacement?

Answer Quality tires are designed with great care and can provide thousands of miles of dependable service. The number of miles run on tires before they need to be replaced varies. The useful life of the ... Read More »

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How many miles does the typical car tire last?

Today, the average typical bias ply tire life exceeds 60,000 miles or less than six years. This figure in the 1970s was under two years or 20,000 miles and about 40,000 miles or four years in the 1... Read More »

How many miles is a bicycle tire good for?

The number of miles you can get out of a bicycle tire depends on what sort of riding you do. If you ride your bike as a commuter, you may be able to use a tire for 5,000 miles. More intense riding ... Read More »

Tire Size & Miles Per Hour?

Speedometers are set to calculate mileage based on the stock tires that come with the vehicle. If stock tires are replaced with larger models, this will change the miles per hour (mph) and the spee... Read More »

What Causes Tire Wear?

Rubrics help educators grade effectively. A common complaint from students is how a grade is actually derived. The days of simply putting a letter grade at the top of an assignment or project are o... Read More »