The Application of Colored Lights & Their Effects on Plant Growth?

Answer Plants are unique in that they're able to convert light energy into chemical energy to power their growth. However, plants absorb visible light according to their need for specific colors of light ... Read More »

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How does colored light affect plant growth?

The white light actually is compose of so many different light spectrum. But exposing a plant to just one color might do something to the plants. We don't know. That is why you are going to do the ... Read More »

Does plant growth get affected in different colored pots?

Dark-colored and metal planters may get too hot in the summer months or when placed in direct sunlight. Plant roots can be burned if the soil becomes too warm. Light-colored containers, especially ... Read More »

Do artificial lights affect plant growth?

Artificial lights affect plant growth. They can be used to supply what a plant needs if it does not receive enough sunlight. Fluorescent bulbs are useful for starting seedlings because they supply ... Read More »

The Effects of Vitamins on Plant Growth?

Plants require certain nutrients to grow, thrive and produce. Their exterior appearance and growth rate indicates good health or nutritional deficiency. Plants obtain necessary elements for growth,... Read More »