The Angels - cry baby cry what year was this released?

Answer 1962

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Which year was baby its cold outside released in?

the originally made in 1936 but in to different versions too

Will season 5 of Charlie's angels be released on DVD?

well according to angelologist, Mike Pingel. It will depend on how the sales of the Charlie's Angels Season 4 dvds will sell, but he goes on to state that he and Sony are VERY co... Read More »

What year did Blu-ray released?

blu-ray discs where first introduced in 2006.

What Was The Best Album Released Every Year?

1. I have no Idea what the BEST albums were.2. I can list My Faves or Those I deem were Important to the Progress of Music ?3. This was was Frustrating only able to Pick ONE per Year, so I put more... Read More »