The Air Smells From a Bissell Helix?

Answer The CleanView Helix is a bagless vacuum manufactured by Bissell. Over time, the Helix’s exhaust releases smells because of use, and its parts and filters becoming dirty from debris picked up by t... Read More »

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You turn on the heat and the air smells funny it kind of smells like glue what could cause this?

Could be bacteria build-up If your vehicle has air conditioning the smell could be caused by build up of bacteria on the heater matrix and in the vents, as this bacteria decays it causes a smell in... Read More »

My room smells. What have you used to get rid of smell, musty smells too?

Have you tried opening the window during the day? Maybe your room just needs to be aired out. Also try using a fan while your window is open, that way the fan will blow out the stale air. I've d... Read More »

Fresh linen, brewing coffee, freshly cut grass… what smells make you tick What smells tick you off?

I love the smalls of freshly cut grassJasmine, Lavender & VanillaThe beachMountain airFreshly washed hairBabies after a bath & powderedBBQI dislike cat weeSmelly socksDirty toiletsMusty smelling ho... Read More »

How to Get Helix in "Deepolis"?

In the world of "Deepolis," Helix is the primary currency for making purchases and trading items. A player with deep Helix reserves can afford the best ships, most advanced gear and most interestin... Read More »