The Advantages of a Tally or Count?

Answer A tally or number count is perhaps the simplest and most versatile way of tracking and recording the amount of something, whether set or volatile. The tally system consists only of a straight verti... Read More »

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The Advantages of Tally Marks?

Tally marks are a rather unwieldy way to keep track of very large numbers, but they also pose distinct advantages to numerals in specific situations. They are more useful and practical than regular... Read More »

Can Lyme disease cause a low WBC count, high lymphocyte count and a low neutrophil count?

Lyme disease is a multi-system disease, which can affect many different parts of the body. Complicating things is that fact that often the tick bite transmits more than just Lyme--people may unknow... Read More »

What does low WBC count, High Lymphocyte count and low neutrophil count mean?

Low white Blood Count this is part of the immune system to fight off disease infections and germs. Neutrophils and Lymphocytes are types of white blood cells. Abnormal low levels of WBC can cause i... Read More »

What does"tally ho"mean?

"Tally ho" is a phrase shouted towards hounds when a fox is sighted during a fox hunt. It is also shouted for encouragement before undergoing a difficult or dangerous task. According to TheFreeDict... Read More »