The Advantages of a Gold Standard Over Paper Money?

Answer Prior to World War I, the gold standard was key to currencies and the world's economic infrastructure. A respectable currency issued by most governments was equal in value to and could be actually ... Read More »

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Why is paper money not backed by gold any longer?

Before the 1930s, gold determined the value of currency in the industrialized world. Most economists viewed the gold standard as essential in preventing inflation and keeping currency stable. The G... Read More »

How many reams of paper are in a standard box of copier paper?

There are 10 reams of paper in a standard box of copier paper. The reams each contain 500 sheets of paper, so the whole box of paper in a standard box totals 5,000 sheets.References:Office Depot: ... Read More »

The Advantages of Mining Gold?

Positive economic development is one of the primary advantages for mining gold in contemporary times. Gold mining is a sector of trade and business that governments use to improve their nation's ec... Read More »

Advantages & Disadvantages of Standard Costs?

In the world of business accounting, it is not always possible to capture every exact production cost to the penny. Doing so would create a mountain of paperwork and analysis that would be labor-in... Read More »