The Advantages of a Full Tank of Gas?

Answer With the increase in gas prices, it's painful to spend your last dollars filling up. You're tempted to put in $5 worth of gas and spend the rest of your money on something else. While there are sev... Read More »

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Hp ink cartridge half or full tank?

Standard capacity cartridges (or starter cartridges that come with a new printer) are generally filled to around 50%. What indicators there are on the cartridge depend upon the model of your printe... Read More »

How to Check if a Gas Grill Tank Is Full?

Hungry dinner guests will not forget that you forgot to get gas to cook their meat. Sushi, anyone?

What is the weight of a full propane tank?

A common propane tank used for grilling, camping and cooking holds 20 pounds of propane gas or 4.7 gallons. Combined with the container, the total weight is about 40 pounds.References:Mission Gas C... Read More »

What should the pressure be in a full acetylene tank?

A full acetylene tank can safely contain acetylene at a pressure of 250 psig. "Psig" is a unit of pressure that means "pounds per square inch, gauge," or the pounds per square inch reading on a sta... Read More »