The Advantages of Using a Heavier Flywheel?

Answer A flywheel is a type of container that can generate and hold energy. Flywheels are sometimes used as an alternative to batteries in cars and other electronics. There is some dispute over whether he... Read More »

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Advantages of a Lightweight Flywheel?

The flywheel in a car maintains rotational inertia in your engine as well as helping to balance the crankshaft. When trying to make an engine go faster, you can replace the heavy stock unit with a ... Read More »

Last month you spotted for two days then your period got heavier this month you spotted for four days and now today your period is starting to get heavier is this a sign of pregnancy?

Answer no, it is a sign of stress. try to relax joymaker rn

Do I look heavier than 180 lbs (pic)?

Fat? Are you kidding? Maybe somebody in my class would call you fat (he makes people feel bad and wants to make them sticks), but man, that is a great figure! I don't think you need to cut much mor... Read More »

Is radon heavier than air?

Radon is the heaviest known gas, and colorless when at normal temperatures---so yes, it is heavier than air. Radon can attach to dust and move through the air. Breathed into the lungs, it can cause... Read More »