The Advantages of Using Direct Instruction With Special Needs Students?

Answer Teachers strive to provide every student with the tools and knowledge to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Students with special needs usually require a more intense and focused approach. Siegfr... Read More »

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How can one or more of the technologies liker photography audacity blogger Google sites could help either students with special needs or families with special needs?

Law Schools for Students With Special Needs?

When considering which law schools to apply to, you also have to consider your own special needs beyond the features of the curriculum and the job market prospects. You'll be living near the school... Read More »

What are two advantages of inclusion for children with special needs?

Hormones are biochemicals the body produces that regulate everything from mood, to physical growth spurts to preparing for flight or fight responses. If you have too much of a hormone your body mi... Read More »

How to Teach Math to Students With Special Needs?

Students may struggle with learning math for many different reasons. Some students find it difficult to grasp the basic facts and concepts. Yet, in order to function fully in the world, it is vital... Read More »