The Advantages of Two Woofers?

Answer Woofers are speakers made to produce sounds at low frequencies, starting at 40 hertz and up. Used in professional and recreational applications, woofers relay sound through waves that are pushed an... Read More »

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The Advantages of Dual Woofers?

To understand the advantages of dual-woofer speakers for a stereo system, it's important to understand how speakers work. Speakers emit sound by vibrating and pushing sound waves out of their cones... Read More »

How to Connect Sub Woofers To an Amp?

Building a car stereo system is nothing if not an exercise in wisdom, primarily since neophyte builders often don't know what they don't know. Put another way, there's a whole level of complexity b... Read More »

How to Install Sub Woofers?

Want to turn heads when you go down the street? A good sound system is just what you need! And part of a good sound system is sub woofers!

Why Do Woofers Have a Hole in the Back?

A woofer is a loudspeaker designed to reproduce low frequency sounds, typically down to 100 hertz (Hz). Woofers are typically large in size because they need to move large volumes of air.