The Advantages of Presentation Server Client?

Answer Citrix Systems produced the Presentation Server. The company has since changed the name of this product to XenApp. Presentation Server is a Thin Client system in which client terminals do not hold ... Read More »

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Client Server Architecture Advantages?

Many businesses rely on networked computers to allow workers to store and access data on other computers. Networking allows users to share files, making collaborative projects easier to manage. Net... Read More »

What is a server in a client server environment?

One computer in a network generally requests information from another; the computer making the request is the client, and the computer that's returning the data--"serving" the data, so to speak--is... Read More »

What is client/server?

A network is multiple computers connected to share resources such as printers, files and communications. Networks require a way to control operations. Network operating systems such as client/serve... Read More »

What is the definition of client server?

The term client-server describes a type of network configuration in which several workstations use a central server. In essence, a central hub provides a service to networked computers.ClientThe U.... Read More »