The Advantages of Nitrogen-Filled Tires?

Answer Nitrogen is a relatively new trend in automotive tires, but it has been around for much longer than many consumers know. NASA, NASCAR, Formula 1 racing and airlines have been using nitrogen in thei... Read More »

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Can you put air in nitrogen-filled tires?

The air we breathe is nearly 80 percent nitrogen as is, so intermittent filling of nitrogen tires with regular air is considered acceptable. However, it is recommended by manufacturers that the tir... Read More »

About Nitrogen-Filled Tires?

Many service stations and car dealerships encourage consumers to have their tires filled with nitrogen instead of air. Fuel efficiency, tire maintenance and protecting the environment are cited as... Read More »

Do nitrogen-filled tires improve gas mileage?

There's currently no evidence to suggest that nitrogen-filled tires have any more impact on gas mileage than tires filled with regular air, which is already composed of about 80 percent nitrogen. H... Read More »

The MPG of Nitrogen Tires?

Some people claim that nitrogen in tires can improve your gas mileage. Nitrogen-filled tires have been used by space programs and race car drivers for years.