The Advantages of Electric Fans on Trucks?

Answer Replacing the belt-driven style cooling fan on a conventional truck engine with an electric turbine-style engine can help save engine power. As long as the electric fan is installed properly and si... Read More »

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How to Re Use the Electric Motor in Muffin Fans (Computer Cooling Fans)?

Computer cooling fans also known as muffin fans have very nice brushless motors that can be used for other applications, for example to make a simple centrifuge. In this wikihow, a simple way to re... Read More »

The Advantages of Clear Coating on Trucks?

A clear coating on a vehicle creates a protective film over the base layer of paint. This is particularly useful on trucks that, due to their commercial purpose, are used almost continually and in ... Read More »

Why do the gas, electric, and cable company put a cone in front of their trucks whenever their come to my apt?

It just to show they're on duty in & out or working inside their vans or to make sure they're temporarily occupying that parking space so it don't get towed or ticketed.It sometimes deters thieves ... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Electric Fans?

So, you want to learn on how to make an electric fan.