The Advantages of Debit Vs. Credit Purchases?

Answer It's usually easier to get a debit card than a credit card because you're tapping the funds in your checking account when you make debit-card purchases. Poor credit histories can prevent people fro... Read More »

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What percentage of purchases are credit vs. debit?

In 2008, Visa credit card transactions accounted for 31.7 percent of the market vs. 28.6 percent for Visa debit cards. Mastercard had 22 percent of its transactions on credit vs. only 6.3 percent a... Read More »

What Are the Advantages of Signing Credit Versus Debit With a Check Card?

Traditionally, bank debit cards necessitated the use of a personal identification number (PIN) to access funds, but, increasingly, banks encourage cardholders to make signature-based, or "credit," ... Read More »

How to Use a Debit Card to Make Purchases at a Store?

A debit card is a bank card that resembles a credit card. When it is used to make a purchase, however, the money is taken directly from a person's checking or savings account. The deduction may occ... Read More »

Can you use a debit gift card on online purchases?

You can use a debit gift card for some online purchases. It depends on the type of debit gift card and the card's specific terms of use. For example, Target allows you to use your debit gift card f... Read More »