The Advantages & Disadvantages of Fractional Distillation?

Answer Fractional distillation is a method used in separating volatile (having a tendency to vaporize) liquids. Fractional distillation has been used traditionally in the separation of mixtures and purifi... Read More »

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Steam Distillation?

The process of steam distillation is one of several methods that allows you to extract the essential oil from plants. This technique of oil extraction is the main method used in the fragrance and e... Read More »

What does fractional distillation mean?

Fractional distillation is a scientific process to manipulate and study mixtures of liquids. The process uses boiling points of different organic liquids to separate those liquids from each other, ... Read More »

Why Is Fractional Distillation Useful?

Fractional distillation makes it possible to extract individual liquids from a mixture of substances. It's what produces gasoline for cars and spirits for cocktails. Fractional distillation can be ... Read More »

In what situation do we use fractional distillation?

We use fractional distillation in a situation where we have two liquids mixed together that have different boiling points. By boiling the mixture, we can separate the various substances. When the l... Read More »