The Accidental Discovery of X-Rays?

Answer X-rays are among the most common diagnostic tools for a variety of health concerns; however, their discovery, like many scientific finds, came as the result of several incidences of serendipity, be... Read More »

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Accidental stabbing...?

no you should be fine. put poptart pieces in the wounds and it will heal quickly

Accidental X Ray exposure?

I would google chlorella treatment. This is a natural method of removing some of the metabolic products resulting from this kind of exposure, so they do not linger and create further problems.Hope... Read More »

Top 10 Accidental Discoveries?

Some of the greatest discoveries in the world arose from accident or chance rather than deliberate effort. Many of these discoveries changed the world, and continue to exert their influence today.

Accidental TattooD:?

If it is deep enough, it will probably be there for a while. Otherwise, fingers are notorious for ink fallout and will likely dissipate with time. For the moment, you technically have a tattoo...