The ARP Stud Torque Specifications?

Answer ARP studs are aftermarket studs used to replace the bolts and studs on the camshafts of engines. ARP studs are top of the line and sometimes used by the car manufacturers creating the engines.

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ARP Head Stud Torque Specifications?

ARP is an aftermarket car product company that specializes in fastener technology. The company sells bolts and stud kits for performance-oriented engines such as the Nissan 2.6L, BMW 2.8L and Porsc... Read More »

Wheel Stud Torque Specs?

The wheel studs and lug nuts fasten your vehicle's wheels to the rotating hubs. Overtightened or loose lug nuts can allow the wheel to flex and vibrate, causing a safety hazard. Wheel studs come in... Read More »

How to Torque the Wheels When Replacing a Damaged Lug Nut Stud?

When replacing a damaged lug nut stud, it is important to torque the new lug nuts to the correct amount. Doing so can prevent damage to the lug nuts and wheel while preventing the wheel from coming... Read More »

Big Block Main Stud Torque Specs?

A big block engine is an engine with a large displacement. In general, the big block label is reserved for engines with a displacement of 400 cubic inches or larger. Big block engines are nearly ex... Read More »