The '97 Honda Civic Caliper Replacement?

Answer The Civic entered Honda’s lineup in the 1973 model year as a simple economy car. Since its release, the Civic has come standard with front disc brakes. The 1997 Civic’s standard disc brakes use... Read More »

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How to Bleed a Honda Civic Caliper?

Bleeding the calipers on your Honda Civic helps purge old brake fluid from the brake lines and remove any air bubbles trapped within. This process helps improve the performance of your brakes by re... Read More »

Changing a 1997 Honda Civic LX Brake Caliper?

The brake caliper on your 1997 Honda Civic LX is a clamp-shaped device that rests above the rotor. When you apply your brakes, the caliper tightens down onto the rotor. This motion is what stops yo... Read More »

How to Repair Brake Caliper Slides on the Honda Civic EX?

The front calipers on the Honda Civic EX are known as sliding calipers. The two bolts holding the calipers in are screwed into pins that are designed to allow the caliper to slide, slightly, back a... Read More »

DIY Brake Replacement on a Honda Civic?

While the Honda Civic includes six air bags, an Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure, active head restraints and an anti-lock braking system, these safety features mean little if the d... Read More »