The 6 friends that appear on your facebook timeline...?


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How can you make it so that photos that people 'like' don't appear on your facebook timeline?

there is no way to turn that feature off, because that's the whole reason for using facebook in the first place, to share your activity with your friendsthe only way to prevent it is to add individ... Read More »

Is it true that those friends that appear in your facebook profile are the ones that view your profile the mos?

No it changes at random. I just kept clicking refresh and it changes. Try it on your profile page to see..

How to make your High School/education appear on Facebook timeline?

during the editing.....make it visible on time Line..:D

The six friends on the little box at the top of your timeline on Facebook.. How are they selected?

I honestly believe it is people that have view your profile considerable more than your other facebook friends, because it really is the same people that keep coming up. I am guessing that it could... Read More »