That a child from foster care to adopt is a good choice?

Answer No

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How to Adopt Kids From Foster Care?

Adults who want to adopt a child may find just the one they are looking for in the foster care system. According to Adopt Us Kids, there were 123,000 foster children waiting for an adoptive family... Read More »

Can i take my child out of foster care after I'm out of foster care when im 18?

i don't see y not i mean that's ur kid right then hell ya u can have him but u will probly have to adopt him or go threw the cort u know but u will have to have a job and a house with every thing i... Read More »

How do you get a child removed from a foster care home?

you adopt the child or they became 18 whick means the foster care home is not responsible for them anymore.

If you gave your rights up to your child 10 years ago and their children are in foster care waiting to be adopted can you petition the court to adopt those children?

yes you should be able to adopt the children if you have a stable environment for them