Thanksgiving , christmas ?

Answer Kinda early yet..but I always make Pumpkin pies and Cherry pies at Thanksgiving and I make a Cake such as Red Velvet cake or a Royal Blue Velvet cake for x-mas.I will also make some fudge and popco... Read More »

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Is the day after thanksgiving a good day to put up Christmas lights?

What is the best way of catering for a big family dinner such as Christmas or Thanksgiving?

It is better for everyone to bring something with them.But that also depends on just how many will be there.I have cooked a traditional Christmas dinner for around 25 people without help,but everyo... Read More »

Which holiday has the best food,Christmas, Thanksgiving,Easter,or other?

I would say Thanksgiving and Christmas. People bake and cook much more than any other time. So many pies, cakes, puddings cookies. Roasts, turkey, Prim Rib, veggies, the list goes on for miles !

In the spirit of Thanksgiving next week on a rating of 0-10 how do you rate the following Thanksgiving ->?

1)Thanksgiving Turkey - 102) Tofu Turkey(Vegetarian version of Turkey) - Never tried it, but I'm planning to.3) Stuffing - 104) Pumpkin Pie - 105) Mashed Potatoes - 106) Cranberry Sauce - 107) Turk... Read More »