Thank you i will do that?

Answer Good, you will do what?

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I want to become a vegetarian. Can anyone suggest a good book that will help with the transition Thank you.?

Here are tips:1. Take your time - my journey from meat eater took about a year.2. Start out using some basic substitutes for the meat you are used to in foods where you won't even notice - ground m... Read More »

Will it fit If so, thank you!?

Yes. The motherboard is the same socket and it has a chipset that supports Sandy Bridge.

Is it better to send a thank you email or handwritten thank you note after a job interview?

On One Hand: A Handwritten Note Is More Personal.Send a handwritten thank you note if the job interview and your relationship with the interviewer demands a more personal touch. This rule might app... Read More »

My tub is blocked. What can I do Anything or all suggestions will help. thank you?

If you have a screw up and down type drain,simply unscrew the stopper and pull it out.Odds are you can pull the hair out with needle nose pliers. If it is a lever type, you should remove the cover ... Read More »