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HELP WITH MY TEXTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

Tell her that you will do chores around the house etc every week so that you can get texting. Don't just expect your mom to pay more for you like some kids. Parents work for their money, it doesn'... Read More »

Help Texting Problem?

If Money is the problem, get unlimited texting- if its the actual addiction thats the problem find somethingelse to do so you wont be tempted to text..ppl usually text when their bored..or if someo... Read More »

Virgin Mobile Texting Help!?

I have exact same problem... And I have exactly the same phone. I just started to get this problem non stop today, but I got my phone on 27th. So it's freaken weird. I live in Nevada I have like a... Read More »

CVC 23123.5 (Texting While Driving) HELP !?

What state? The legislature sets the fines, not the police. And if you were texting while driving, you deserve the bigger fine anyway.