Textile Industry Facts?

Answer The textile industry has grown to a large extent over the years. As the fashion, home products and accessories industries grow, the demand for textiles also continues growing. With many application... Read More »

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EU Textile Industry?

The European Union (EU) is an organization of 27 member states that maintain a single market to increase efficiency by avoiding trade restrictions and tariffs between European nations. Textiles are... Read More »

Spanish Textile Industry?

Spain's textile industry is an important motor of the country's economy. In fact, Spain's textile, apparel and footwear production represents one of its biggest industries. Portugal, France and Ita... Read More »

About Hair Weaves in the Textile Industry?

A weave is when hair is threaded together and then sewn into a person's natural hair to give length or body. Hair weaves are manufactured either by hand or machine in a textile manufacturing proces... Read More »

Credit Card Industry Facts?

Americans owe approximately $850 dollars in revolving credit card debt as of May of 2009, according to the Consumers Union. One study revealed that at least 84 percent of undergraduates had at lea... Read More »