Textedit on a MacBook help.?

Answer Ummmcmd+PorFile>Print...same as every other program. There's got to be more to your question, right?

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How to Print From Apple TextEdit?

TextEdit is a text-editing application included with the Mac OS X operating system. While it does not possess as many features as programs like Microsoft Word and iWork Pages, it allows you to for... Read More »

How do you do word count on TextEdit on a mac?

Try NanoCount....…

How to Create Quilt Labels in TextEdit?

A quilt label should be added to every homemade quilt. The quilt label documents the quilt creator, the location of the quiltmaker and the date the quilt was completed. Quilting is an important Ame... Read More »

How do I make TextEdit open on the right side of a Mac?

Dock PreferencesClick on the apple at the top left corner of the screen to open the Apple menu. Place your mouse pointer over "Dock," then click "Position on Right." Alternatively, click the hard d... Read More »