Text to Speech for Linux?

Answer The first technology to synthesize human speech was invented over 1000 years ago and used by the Benedictine monk Gerbert d'Aurillac. Centuries later, a number of text-to-speech programs for the Li... Read More »

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How to Convert Text to Speech on Linux?

Text to speech software isn't just for blind or partially sighted people. It can be useful for converting text to speech on the fly or to audio files to listen on your portable audio player. You ca... Read More »

What Is Speech to Text?

One of the many applications of speech recognition software is taking dictation. While devices that can acknowledge vocal commands have existed in some form for decades, software sophisticated eno... Read More »

Voice-to-Text Software for Linux?

Voice-to-Text software, also called voice recognition software, transforms the spoken word of a lecture or a meeting, for example, into text for use in numerous applications. For Linux, itself a fr... Read More »

How to Use Text to Speech in Excel?

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software that assists you in maintaining a large amount of data. Microsoft Excel 2010 has a built-in text-to-speech feature that you can use to dictate spreadsheet in... Read More »