Texas law on parents who are swingers?

Answer "Swinging", or active polyamorous activities are not covered by any law in the US. there are laws in some states concerning acts of adultry, but those laws are not enforced & typicaly only come int... Read More »

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How to Style Hair Like Vince Vaughn in Swingers?

Get the swinging hairstyle worn by Vince Vaughn in Swingers easily. It is a classic and timeless style. This style is best for a guy that is willing to put a little time in front of the mirror each... Read More »

Swingers club in Los Angeles or surrounding areas?

First off, if you are a single guy you are not going to just waltz right in to a swingers club. Most swingers clubs are very selective about admitting single guys because if they weren't it'd turn ... Read More »

Calling all Texas Parents?

I Starred this as well Rachel...I'm certain you have already researched this, I know Texas has many fine Birthing Centers as well as Homebirth options I believe...I can't state personal experience ... Read More »

How much do foster parents get paid in texas?

There are four levels of 24-hour foster care in the state of Texas. These levels vary from fostering situations that are fairly easy to ones that require 24-hour monitoring. As pf September 1, 200... Read More »