Texas Inheritance Laws Without a Will?

Answer A person leaves an estate behind when he dies. The property in that estate usually passes to a person's beneficiaries in accordance with his will. However, in Texas, not all property can be include... Read More »

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What is the Texas inheritance law?

In the state of Texas when a person dies there are three main reasons why the Texas law of inheritance takes effect.DefinitionThe Texas inheritance law is a part of the Texas probate code that is u... Read More »

How much is the inheritance tax in Texas?

Texas does not impose an inheritance tax on its residents. As of June 2010, only 11 states impose an inheritance tax: Pennsylvania, Iowa, Kansas, Connecticut, Tennessee, Indiana, Oregon, Nebraska, ... Read More »

Inheritance Laws and the Executor of a Will?

An inheritance is often the last meaningful gesture a person can impart on a close friend or family member before the person dies. In general, a person can control how her property is divided; in t... Read More »

Do you have to pay inheritance tax if the amount is under $50,000 in Texas?

Texas has no state inheritance tax laws, and because of this, federal inheritance tax laws govern the handling of estates within the state, according to Dianne Reis, a Board-certified estate attorn... Read More »