Texas Debt Settlement Laws?

Answer Debt settlement companies help debtors settle their debts by negotiating with creditors on the debtor's behalf. In Texas, debt settlement companies must be careful not to mislead or misinform debto... Read More »

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Credit Card Debt Settlement Laws?

At some point in their lives, often for reasons that are out of their control, many people face a financial crisis. They struggle to pay their bills and risk earning unwanted attention from credito... Read More »

Debt Elimination Laws in Texas?

The only way to legally eliminate all debt in the state of Texas is to claim bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy is not a decision to take lightly, but is the only way to legally absolve yourself of resp... Read More »

Texas Fair Credit & Debt Collections Laws?

Texas has a number of laws related to credit and debt collection. These laws regulate what debt collectors can and cannot do when trying to collect a debt. These laws can help to stop harassing pho... Read More »

Your Mother passed away 2 years ago and you are getting a settlement can credit card debt go after the settlement?

Answer Well, if they are garnishing your wages, than probably yes. What you should do is call and bargain with them to pay them off. If you owe $1,000, tell them you can pay $500. It's better j... Read More »