Question please email if you can help me answer a couple of math questions thanks?

Answer You must have a high school diploma.

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What questions do I have to answer and email to be on Brain Surge?

Why might someone hoping to adopt answer questions from vulnerable expectant young mothers with 'email me'?

Dear Heather,Personally, I think many of them were told to "troll" the internet by their agencies or some dumb book like "Fast Track to Infant Adoption".I think it shows very questionable morality ... Read More »

Questions about my braces please answer and I will answer yours ! 10pts best answer?

I'm getting my second round of braces off next week so I think I know how you feel. Braces are a long year commitment so it's an over time change. They aren't going to make any noticeable differenc... Read More »

Gates Millennium Scholarship gives 7000 characters to answer questions: how many should I use for good answer?

Hey charley who the hell ask you about the website you posted there. it has noting to do with the question. it is not even helpful. so if u can't answer it don't try to get points.Any way i am doi... Read More »