Tests for English Language Learners?

Answer English language learners (ELL) are nonnative English speakers who are in the process of learning English. ELL students may be striving to become fluent in English to successfully study at an Engli... Read More »

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How to Teach English to Second Language Learners?

Teaching English to second language learners is not as daunting as it may seem; many people have the misconception that an educator must be fluent in the students' native languages in order to teac... Read More »

How to Study for English Language Learners?

Studying English can be hard work and often very frustrating. Even if you speak a language with similar roots and are adept at learning languages, it requires much personal commitment and time. If ... Read More »

Strategies That Would Best Teach English to Second Language Learners?

Author Helen Caldicott said teachers are the most important members of society because their profession affects the fate of the earth. This becomes even more personal for foreigners with limited kn... Read More »

Vocabulary Strategies for English Language Learners?

A goal of an English language learner teacher is to build up the vocabulary of these special students. An increased vocabulary will help the student communicate with others and will eventually help... Read More »