Testing for Quaternary Concentration in Water?

Answer Quaternary compounds, commonly referred to as "quats," are common sanitation solutions used in a variety of industries, including commercial kitchens. As with many things, it is only good in modera... Read More »

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What is the concentration of chloride in sea water?

Seawater typically contains chloride at a concentration of about 19,000 parts per million (ppm), or 19,000 milligrams per liter (mg/L). It also contains about 10,500 ppm sodium. These concentration... Read More »

Student Experiments With Ion Concentration in Water?

Water can have a negative or positive charge depending on the number of ions it contains. There are two types of ions: cations and anions. Cations are positively charged and anions are negatively c... Read More »

What is the concentration of hydroxide ions in pure water?

Pure water (Hâ‚‚O) undergoes a process known as autoionization in which a small percentage of the water molecules split into protons (H⁺) and hydroxide ions (OH⁻). In pure water, the concentrat... Read More »

Ideas for a Quaternary Studies Thesis?

In geology and anthropology the history of the Earth has been broken down into what these scientists call periods. The Quaternary Period takes you from the end of the ice age, about 1.8 million ye... Read More »