Testing a Throttle Body?

Answer The throttle body in car a provides one of the modern features found in today's cars to help with fuel efficiency. In addition to keeping fuel flow to the engine restricted to only what it actually... Read More »

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What is a throttle body in a car?

The throttle body is a part of a fuel injection engine that works in the air intake system, helping to control the flow of air into the engine. The biggest part of the throttle body is the throttle... Read More »

What Is a Throttle Body?

Internal combustion gasoline engines require three things to operate: oxygen, fuel and a spark. On modern engines, fuel delivery and spark timing are handled by a computer controlled system of pum... Read More »

How to Take Off a Throttle Body on a Car?

Every fuel-injected car has a throttle body, and most of them are constructed in a similar manner. The procedures will vary, but almost anyone with some experience can remove it with the right tool... Read More »

How to Change a Throttle Body?

Fuel injected engines receive the critical air portion of the fuel/air mixture through the throttle body. The throttle body is typically mounted to the intake plenum downstream of the air filter bo... Read More »