Testing Car Battery Vs. Alternator?

Answer If your car battery and/or alternator are not working correctly, you stand a high risk of being stranded with a car that refuses to start. Thankfully, diagnosing battery and alternator problems is ... Read More »

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Free Alternator Testing?

The alternator in your vehicle is an important component of the charging system. Without a properly functioning alternator, your vehicle may routinely suffer from a dead battery or stall out while ... Read More »

Marine Battery Testing Procedures?

Marine batteries, sometimes also referred to as deep cycle batteries, should be tested regularly so they can be replaced before an urgent situation arises. There is a series of tests that you can p... Read More »

How to Tell That an Alternator Battery Is Going Bad?

When your car's alternator goes bad, you will still be able to drive for quite a while on the charge left in your battery. If your battery is going bad, however, you won't be able to go very far. L... Read More »

Do I Need a New Alternator or Battery?

Both a bad battery and a bad alternator can cause a vehicle's electronic system to fail, resulting a car that will not run or start. Diagnosing the correct problem can help a car owner save money b... Read More »