Terrible period, anyone else with me?

Answer Even though you're not sexually active, a low-dose birth control pill may help to ease off the intensity of the period related symptoms. There are several newer options (other than Yaz) that are a... Read More »

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Does anyone else think Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" is terrible?

Yes, I do agree with you. But not for the same reasons. I think Mariah Carey is a great singer, with a powerful voice. I also think that the beat in "Touch My Body" is good as well. I think that it... Read More »

Anyone else expecting period today?

awww bless hope you get a bfp hun all the best keep us posted my af already showed her ugly face afew days ago but im sending hugs and babydust your way xx

Im 11 weeks pregnant and Im still having a period, has this happened to anyone else!!!!!?

i had my period for 3 months straight. went in to talk to my doctor to see what was wrong. did urine test and 2 blood tests. all normal. so, they did an ultrasound. there he was. the doctor said it... Read More »

Every few periods my period is terrible?

You may have endometriosis. A disease where the endometrium grows outside of your uterus, in the body cavity. You also might be getting ovarian cysts. Both can be very painful. You should defini... Read More »