Terrible hangover help?

Answer I know exactly what ur talking about. happened to me twice from too much tequila. basically what worked for me was in this order: 1. shower 2. dark cold quiet room3. Liquid: chicken soup or cold ve... Read More »

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How to avoid another terrible hangover?

Drink plenty of water during the drinking every now and then between shots....drink a bottle of water. Eat before you start drinkng and eat again before you pass out after drinking. Dri... Read More »

My weight is terrible. help?

Only you can make the decision now to improve your health and self image.My parents didn't take an interest in my health either and I was over 200 at 15.I decided to try something and started with ... Read More »

I have a terrible cold, please help!?

Have no fear Evie. The QUEEN OF COLD REMEDIES IS HERE! lol. But seriously. This is what you got to do.HOW TO TREAT NASAL ISSUES:--EAT something spicy if you can (mexican food with hot sauce, etc) t... Read More »

My vagina smells terrible, help please?

you have a yeast infection, go to the clinic