Terms for Baby Animal Litters?

Answer While "litter" is probably the most used term to refer to a group of baby animals, it isn't always the correct term. English has many specific words for baby animals of a certain type, and "litter"... Read More »

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How many litters can a shitzu have?

The number of litters any dog can have varies by individual, so this is only something your veterinarian can tell you. In general, dogs should be bred no more than every other year from the time th... Read More »

How to Register Your Puppy Litters?

Litter of pups with their momRegistering puppies can appear to be a daunting task even though it's not as difficult as one might think.

Can a female dog have two litters of puppies in one year?

The number of litters a dog gives birth to is dependent upon how many times she enters estrus, or "goes into heat," in one year. Grown female dogs enter estrus up to four times a year, according to... Read More »

How many litters of water you drink everyday?

I drink eight to 10 glasses of water daily.2 to 3 litres is fine for a healthier and leaner body.