Tequilla - do you like it or hate it?

Answer Id take tequilla over anything any day of the week..I love tequilla...

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Can scotch, ever be mistaken for tequilla?

I have never had a Scotch smell or taste like tequila. Stay away from that bar. But, stay away from the cheap Scotch. Johnny Walker is crap. Also, try to steer more toward a Single Malt Scotch, a... Read More »

Who does tila tequilla pick from the show a shot at love?

bobby won the competition but they broke up a bit after that

Vista do you like it or hate it?

i have vista and its OK i ran xp for 5 years and bought a new computer in July with vista on it,its getting used to it i changed the start menu into xp format and to be honest i have not had to man... Read More »

Do you hate or like the jonas brothers?

I don't hate nobody, but they are very untalented and their fans are VERY annoying!!! Grow up!!