Tepin Pepper Plants?

Answer Tepin pepper plants (Capsicum annuum v. aviculare), also known as Chilepin, are the wild progenitor plant for jalapeño, poblano and cayenne peppers. Tepin is a tiny, round fruit ¼ inch in diamet... Read More »

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Habanero Pepper Plants?

The habanero plant produces one of the hottest peppers on the planet, ranging from 200,000 to 300,000 Scoville units, the unit used to measure heat produced by peppers. To place this pepper into pe... Read More »

How to Cone Pepper Plants?

Protecting pepper plants from frost will extend the growing season and increase yields. Placing a cone around the plant in the spring, when they are first planted, and in the fall, when they are at... Read More »

Heirloom Pepper Plants?

Attesting to the long-running love affair between peppers and people, chili pepper traces dating to 7000 B.C. have been found in Mexican ruins, writes Lynn Coulter in "Gardening with Heirloom Seeds... Read More »

How do I farm pepper plants?

Peppers love the warm weather. These high-temperature fruits will grow slowly and are smaller than their sister fruit, the tomato. If you are planning to cultivate pepper plants, choose your locati... Read More »