Tennessee Marital Property Laws?

Answer What is and isn't considered marital property in the event of divorce depends on the state where the couple made their marital home. Tennessee is an equitable distribution state. That doesn't mean... Read More »

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Inheritance Laws & Marital Property in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, a person can provide an inheritance for a friend and family member, to be awarded when he dies. Issues may arise when the beneficiary of that inheritance is married. Additionally, ... Read More »

Tennessee Private Property Driving Laws?

There are a number of laws that apply to private property driving within the state of Tennessee, protecting the private property owner as well as the general public. Private property applies not on... Read More »

Abandoned Property of Tenants or Renters Laws in Tennessee?

State laws govern the rights landlords have when their tenants abandon property without properly terminating their leases. In most states, landlords have duties to safeguard their tenants' abandone... Read More »

How to Understand when Separate Property Becomes Marital Property?

Before a person marries, all of his or her personal and real property belongs solely to him or her, unless it is intentionally titled jointly with another. Personal property includes furnishings, h... Read More »