Tennessee Flowering Plants?

Answer With hot summers and mild winters, Tennessee has a temperate climate that allows a wide variety of flowering plants to grow. Many of these plants are native to the American South, while others were... Read More »

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Identification of Flowering Trees in Tennessee?

Tennessee is a mountainous state that straddles the Appalachian mountain range. Large parts of Tennessee are woodlands. As settlers moved west through the state, they farmed the Tennessee region be... Read More »

How do I grow flowering plants?

LightDetermine if the area where the plants will be put is sunny or shady most of the time, as the amount of light is quite important to the plants chosen. Generally, flowering plants prefer sun ov... Read More »

Outdoor Flowering Plants?

Flowering plants comprise of the largest group of plants on earth---the anthophyta. The outstanding feature in all the plants is their clusters of specialized leaves that assist in plant reproducti... Read More »

Flowering Palm Plants?

Palm plants are iconic plants that instantly conjure up pictures of tropical islands and pristine beaches. Palm plants may be grown outdoors in warm climates, or indoors as exotic and vibrant potte... Read More »